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Sash Replacement Sash Balances Insulating Draft Seals Catches, Lifts, Locks and Winders Glass Replacement Flyscreens Painter and Carpenter

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Timber Window Repair Specialists

Who We Are

Ten years ago, managing director and experienced builder, John Warszawski came across a revolutionary technology product used to fix damaged timber boats. The unique ‘Smith and Co’ technology comprised of a liquid epoxy treatment that completely repaired rotting boat timber to as good as new. It was already well established within Europe and the USA’s marine industries, but virtually unheard of in Australia.

Wood Rot Repairs Melbourne

Combined with traditional timber repair methods, John decided to apply the technology to the construction industry. For the first time in Australia, he discovered it was equally effective in completely repairing rotting timber windows and doors. He subsequently bought the Australian rights to the ‘Smith and Co’ technology, and established his business as a pioneer in applying it to timber joinery, and in repairing doors and windows. As a result, he uses the technology balanced with traditional joinery treatments and Stop the Rot’s own repair methods, which are continually improved, refined and developed.

Now with a decade of experience, Stop the Rot’s team has worked on every type and size of window and door available. They offer a high quality service as well as a guarantee of workmanship, providing peace of mind and assurance that your window is in the best hands. 

Our Services Include:

  • Rot and Timber Repairs to Doors & Windows
  • Sash Replacement
  • Sash Balances
  • Insulating Draft Seals: Draft, Rattle, Noise & Thermal
  • Catches, Lifts & Locks
  • Glass Replacement & Flyscreens
  • Painting & Carpentry


"Stop the Rot didn’t cut corners. They offer real value for money, and I would have no hesitation recommending them to others."
Michael, Caulfield North

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