4 Ways to Lower Humidity Levels in Your Home

When humidity levels in your home rise, you’ll quickly feel its effects. Your hair turns frizzy. Your skin feels clammy. And every breath feels comparable to a day at the sauna. But humidity does more than make you feel uncomfortable. High moisture levels in the air can also damage your home. If left unchecked, humidity [...]

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Interior Water Damage: Common Culprits

Your home’s exterior takes a beating. Hail wallops glass windows. Erosion eats away at brick mortar. Debris weighs down gutters and clogs drain pipes. All this leads to one big, damp mess. Severe weather conditions are one of the biggest causes of water damage in the home. Unfortunately, adverse conditions inside your home can wreak [...]

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Does Wood Rot Attract Pests?

Your home requires general maintenance and housekeeping to stay clean and free of problems. Your list of home management goals might already be long, but be sure to add checking for wood rot and timber pests to the list. Wood rot comes in many forms, but it primarily occurs after moisture gains access to your [...]

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6 Beautiful Woods That Resist Rot

In the past, many homes relied on softer woods for their siding, eaves and trim. These woods looked beautiful initially, but as they faced rain, snow and shine, they softened over time. Unfortunately, many fungal species love soft wood and moist environments. So if you live in an older home, you can expect wood rot [...]

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Inspect These 4 Places for Wood Rot

As a homeowner, you usually know when your property needs attention. You can spot when that tree branch needs trimming or when the weeds need pulling. You can see when that light bulb requires replacement or when the windows could use a good wash. But some damage happens slowly, too slowly for you to catch [...]

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4 Tips for Choosing Your Home’s Exterior Trim Colour

When you purchase your home, you may not think twice about how the multiple exterior colours interact with each other. In fact, you may not think past the main exterior colour. But the colour of your trim, which includes exterior window frames, roof fascia and other accents, must complement your main colour to create a [...]

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Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Older Home

Your home is a haven from the outside world, and it provides the setting for family memories. You want to take care of your house so it stays beautiful and functional for years to come. When you own an older home, it's even more important to complete simple yet necessary maintenance projects to retain a [...]

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