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Sash Replacement Sash Balances Insulating Draft Seals Catches, Lifts, Locks and Winders Glass Replacement Flyscreens Painter and Carpenter

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    for on the spot
    quote acceptance

       Conditions apply

Conditions apply:
- Both parties (if there are 2) must
  be present for the quote

- If you accept quote on the spot
- If final payment within 48 hrs of
  final invoice







We fully guarantee our work, which comes standard with a 3-year guarantee. We also offer a 10-year guarantee, which is for exactly the same work as the 3-year guarantee, but extended for 10 years and includes maintenance inspections after one year, four years and seven years. It’s available at a cost of about 30 per cent extra.

3 year guarantee 10 year guarantee


‘If the timber restored by Stop The Rot rots within three years, it will be repaired at no cost’. NOTE: does not include repainting

Terms and Conditions of 3 YEAR GUARANTEE

  • LIMITED NATURE: The guarantee applies only to WOOD RESTORED in those areas specified in the final invoice.
  • FINAL PAINTING: Must be completed within 30 days of completion of repair work and must comply with industry standards.
  • DISRUPTIVE DAMAGE: The guarantee will not cover deterioration caused by accidental or deliberate alterations or by changed conditions or by anything other than "normal usage".
  • FULL PAYMENT: The guarantee is valid only after receiving full payment
  • 10 year extended guarantee available: Additional cost 30 per cent.