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Sash Cords and Sash Balances

Heritage sash windows, particularly double hung windows, are typically operated using either sash cords and weights, or sash spring balances. The cords will wear and require replacing over time, and the spring in the sash balances will break and also need replacing over time. It’s important to maintain these to avoid frustration when you can’t open your window easily and smoothly. We are experts in servicing the architectural ironmongery to ensure your windows work properly.

Sash Cord Replacement

The sash cord is a length of braided fabric, which connects to a weight that gives the window balance when opening and closing. These can fray and completely snap off, rendering your window inoperable. Our craftsmen are experts at working with these heritage windows, and if you do need to replace your window’s sash cords, we can also upgrade the sash with extra insulation and a range of new sash fittings or hardware, including winders, lifts, catches and locks, so that it looks as good as new.

Sash replacement in progress..  
Sash replacement Melbourne Window Sash replacement Melbourne


Sash Balances

A sash balance is a tube with a spring mechanism inside it, which is screwed onto the bottom of the sash and the top of the window frame. A balance is fitted on to each side of the window, with the spring mechanism lifting the window as it opens. Unfortunately, over time the spring will wear and break. We regularly see clients who have given up on these windows, and some who haven’t opened them for many years. Our solution is to replace the sash balance with a better quality product, which won’t affect the unique look and feel of your window.

Our expert restorers know how to ensure:

  • sashes slides freely and are easy to operate.
  • the right spirals balances are installed and tensioned correctly
  • weights are balanced
  • proper staff bead adjustment
  • meeting rail alignment so catches/locks work properly



“The work was done so efficiently! I would recommend Stop The Rot to anyone who needs their service.”
Ruth, Brighton East


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