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Timber Sash Window Replacement in Melbourne

You spend a lot of time looking through your windows. They frame the yard where your children play, the driveway where you park your car and the garden you tend with care. And of course it's where the light gets in.

But what do see when you look at your windows instead of through them?

Call Stop the Rot if you notice holes, cracks, weathering or softness.

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive timber sash window replacement service in the Melbourne inner south eastern and bayside suburbs. Our services include work in the following categories:

  • We can replace your damaged Sash frames with new matching sashes. We replicate the style of molding whether it is a Quad molding, or Ovolo or Lambs Tongue and whether your sashes are awning sashes, casement sashes or double hung sashes.
  • Complete: While we primarily work with timber window frames, we also replace window glass and repair the way the window works by replacing damaged window hardware such as hinges, stays catches, locks, winders, spiral balances and cords.
  • Restorative: Usually we can remove rot and repair the window frame so that we only need to replace the sash frames and thus saving the expense of replacing the entire window with a new one.

Contact us today to determine which measures your home needs.


Your windows

In addition to our services, we help our customers better understand their windows and the maintenance timber framed windows require.

Not sure what kind of timber windows you have? If your window features a wooden frame which holds the glass in place and which is then fitted into the overall window frame, you have timber sash windows. Timber windows fall under one of the following categories:

    1. Awning sash windows, which feature hinges at the top of the sash frame
    2. Casement sash windows, which open outwards like a traditional door
    3. Double hung sash windows, which slide up and down
    4. Fixed sash windows, which have a wooden frame but do not open
    5. Sliding sash windows, which slide left or right like a sliding door
    6. Windows without timber sashes, are either (a)Fixed Glass windows, (b)Frameless double hung windows Or (c)Frameless sliding windows.

Not sure whether to Replace or Repair your timber sash? In most cases we can repair your sash frames and window frames to be weather proof and looking great, as if they have never had a problem. Plus the cost will be considerably less than replacement. However if you wish to change the style of your windows then new sashes or entirely new windows will be the better option.
Let us advise you which option will best suit your needs.

Sash replacement means removing the sash (frame and glass) from the window frame and installing a new sash into the existing window frame.

Window replacement means removing the whole window frame (including the sash frames) and replacing with an entirely new window.

To understand our Window Repair option, go to the "Timber and Rot Repair" page.

Whatever your window type, we have the experience to make your windows more secure and beautiful.

Don't let rot spoil the view from even one timber sash window. Our timber sash window replacement service to Melbourne homes is simple, cost effective and efficient. Call us today on 03 9532 9100 or fill out our online enquiry form to schedule a home visit and quote.

Double Hung Sash

Remove old sash Replacement
Sash Replacement Example - removing old sash Sash Replacement Example


Awning sash

Awning sash - remove old Awning sash replacement
Awning Sash Replacement Melbourne Sash Replacement



“I’m more than satisfied and the job was so professionally done from the thoroughness of the quote and the way the job was finished. I appreciated the special effort to get it all done before Christmas.”
Irene, East Brighton

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