Your home is a haven from the outside world, and it provides the setting for family memories. You want to take care of your house so it stays beautiful and functional for years to come.

When you own an older home, it’s even more important to complete simple yet necessary maintenance projects to retain a clean and fresh look.Here are a few reasons why you should stay on top of maintenance and add value to your older home.

Reasons to Add Value

Resale Value
Especially if you have a young family, you may not stay in the same spot forever. When the time comes to sell your first home, you want to get even more money back than you initially paid for it. Do small projects to add big value to your home, and reap the benefits in a few years when you want to move.

Home Equity
It’s always a good idea to increase the value of your home, especially to build equity. You receive home equity from your down payment and any value you add via upgrades or fixes. Establish higher equity, and store up money for a home equity loan if you ever need it.

Nobody complains about living in a nice home. In fact, the environment you’re in often influences your mood. Since you spend a great deal of time in your house, increase its beauty and feel more at home.

Historical Value

If you live in a home built decades or even a century ago, you can restore it to its original state to improve historical value. Sometimes, unnecessary and outdated remodels actually decrease the beauty and value of classic homes. Remove any “new improvements” to take your home back in time to its authentic self.

Future Generations
As a parent, you may want to keep your home in tip-top shape for future generations. Especially if your home is quite old, it can serve as a historic family estate for posterity. Do the required work now to keep your home around as long as possible.

Ways to Add Value

Refinish Timber Flooring

Many older homes have original hardwood flooring underneath smelly and worn carpet or linoleum. You can tear up unwanted materials to expose the timber floors below. Hire a professional to strip the wood of its old stain, repair damaged planks and restain the floors. And since this project requires a time and money investment, it adds great value to your home.

Lay Fresh Sod

When you live in an older home, chances are good that the grass is just as old as the house itself. If the grass looks thin and patchy, you can put in new sod for a fresh and updated feel.

Dig up the old grass with garden tools and mix it together with the layer of dirt underneath. Level out the area and bring in rolls of pre-grown sod strips for easy installation. After the sod is installed, water thoroughly for two weeks to establish deep roots. Your grass will look fresh and welcoming.

Restore Windows and Doors

Old homes consist of mostly wooden materials, which can rot and weather over time. Wood rot is something that comes on slow, but really decreases the beauty and value of a home. In addition to timber flooring, look at the condition of your wooden windows and doors. Since they encounter the harsh Australian sun and elements, they may need repair or even replacement.

Restore wooden windows and doors with the help of a professional company. They can extract worn pieces and replace them with replications of their older counterparts. They can match the look with tools, paint and stain. Your home will look like its old self again, but even better.