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Why Restore?

Restoring your windows is a more cost effective than replacing them.

Fixing your wood rot means the insulation of your home will be stronger, and therefore you will be saving money on bills to heat and cool your home.

When you replace, you discard the whole window.

Usually, the damage to that window is 5% of the window, and when you replace that structure your discarding 95% of avoidable waste. That’s all going to end up in landfill.

Our system is a heritage approved system. This is something you can only get if you are able to restore back to its exact original state.

Replacing your window will mean your home will not be symmetrical. Stop the Rot will mirror your windows to the rest in your home.

Why Stop The Rot?
Wood Rot


• Prevent wood deterioration caused by wood rot.
• Restore windows to original state
• Prevent future damage and unsightly mould

Insulating Seals


• Replace and fix sashes of any style to maintain the original look of your home.
• Upgrade with energy efficient seals.
• Prevent drafts, dust, rattling sashes



• Repair damaged glass panes and risk of accident.
• Get your windows and doors back in working condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

The active ingredient in wood rot treatment is ethylene glycol – sounds complicated? It’s really not. We’ve developed commercial-grade treatment we use on your windows that works instantly and does not take 24 hours to dry before the repairs can begin, including painting.

Yes. Depending on the type of timber used on your windows and the exposure to sunlight, static water and rain, your window can go from repairable to unrepairable in a matter of months.

In our opinion, nothing repairs wood rot.  The only way to restore your windows effectively is to cut the rot out and joint in new timbers to restore the structural integrity of your window or door.

Yes, it can be. If the fungal spores reach the surface of the timber and become air-born, they can cause shortness of breath, asthma and hay fever-like symptoms. Certain dangerous funguses can also grow from the affected wood rot which can also be hazardous.

In its early stages, the rot will appear as cracking paint.  You will then notice that the timber becomes soft to touch and finally you will see crumbly, flakey timber which will pull apart with your fingers.  It is generally darker (wet) than healthy timbers.

We’ve never met a window and door that can’t be repaired.  There will come an economic reality where it may be more cost-effective to replace the window…but as we are carpenters specializing in joinery, generally we can fix or rebuild anything.

It can be.  Usually, in bedrooms where you sleep with the door closed, it is moisture from breathing while asleep, but it can also be moisture from damaged timber escaping.

We will let you know at the time of your quote, but most repairs take between 2-4 days!

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