Restoring windows and doors in Southern and Bayside Suburbs for almost 20 years…
Being members of the Southern and Bayside Suburb’s community and the small business community across three decades has
taught us to embrace your expectations. Working on Melbourne’s most prestigious homes has driven us to seek and deliver
continual improvement.
Stop the Rot’s continued success is a result of demanding those standards of our suppliers, our training, on our people and our processes.


We quote, measure and fix your windows, leaving you with a three-year guarantee.
The Quote

The inspection of your windows and doors will assess the damage and discuss the causes of the rot and how to prevent it in the future. Your quote will be completed and emailed on the spot.

The Measure Up

Our senior technician will inspect the damage taking note of the trims, moldings and beads required.  We then machine a ‘pack’ in our factory to restore your windows to their beautiful, original state.

The Fix

Our years of experience have culminated in a ‘9 Step Process’ followed by our technicians.  Whether a 1990 build or 100-year old heritage home, this works for every situation, every window, every door…producing the best results every time.

The Guarantee
Your windows are left primed and under-coated and ready for your topcoat within 30 days.  Stop the Rot will then guarantee the repairs for 3 years.  Unfortunately, fails happen!!! But any issues, we will be there to bring your windows back again.