The Stop the Rot maintenance division was developed as a result of years of repairing rot from preventable issues.  

Proper maintenance of your timber windows and doors is the best guard against wood rot never occurring. Over the years we have seen every cause of wood rot and can know how to prevent issues with our ‘Stop the Rot 4 Step Prevention Process’.
Whether you have windows showing signs of degradation or not, call us for a FREE PREVENTION ASSESSMENT. We will visit your property and advise you on how we can protect your home from costly repairs.
Stop the Rot 4 Step Prevention Process
1. Structure
Poor design or poor workmanship of existing windows causes wood to rot. Our technicians can make the necessary adjustments to ensure your windows have the necessary slope on your sills, the airflow through the window and re-design them to release water ensuring a rot-free future.
2. Water Flow
Keeping your timber windows free of all rainwater and condensation is impossible. Therefore, properly designed windows allow for the release of the water and airflow to dry the damp timber rather than holding it in. These design requirements are often compromised after years of incorrect painting procedures and swelling timber parts. Our team can restore these essential elements to a healthy window.
3. Fill
Over years of general use, normal wear and tear and the swelling and constricting of timber gaps and holes will form. These cracks, gaps and holes are only an issue if not properly filled and treated. This is an exacting and fastidious task but one which will ensure the longevity and health of your timber windows.
4. Paint
Once steps 1 to 3 have been addressed, your windows need to be painted. The outdoor exposed timber should be painted every 3-5 years with quality water-based enamel paint. The time frame depends on the exposure to weather and proximity to busy roads and salt air. Undoubtedly, keeping your timber protected from the elements by keeping them painted. This is something you may easily be able to do yourself but in your busy time-poor life, we can engage our team of professional painters to fill the cracks and gaps paint with water-based enamel paint of your choice.

If you are going to attempt this yourself, sand all surfaces, fill the holes and gaps in timber joins that appear over time and paint with two coats. Take your time as preparation and precision are the key to ensuring years windows free of wood rot. While the rest of your house may only need painting every 10-15 years, your windows will need attention every 3-5 years.