During the current COVID 19 Stage 3 lockdown, small business and government focus is on keeping our communities safe and our economy (and businesses) operating.

Doing a bit of long overdue DIY and painting is a great way to  utilize long periods spent at home , which may draw your attention to rot in your timber windows or doors.

That’s where we can help.

Stop The Rot is now conducting distant quoting in order to get your job underway without impacting social distancing guidelines.

All you need to do is email us a few clear photos of the affected area to or call Sarie in the office on (03) 9890 8933. Once we receive your photos, we will arrange a Facetime or Zoom call with you to discuss your job and to appraise the damage.  From there, we’ll prepare and send you an Estimate within 2 hours.

Once the Estimate is approved, we will arrange a physical site measure (however you don’t need to be in the immediate vicinity at the time) in order to prepare you a formal quote.  And once the quote is approved, we can schedule your repair work as soon as possible.

Social Distancing for Works Proceeding

Guidelines for safe continuation of work for our technicians, staff and customers

By adhering to a few minor adjustments to the  way we work Stop the Rot can  continue to safely complete the required work.   on your home.  We  adhered to the Federal Government guidelines in the following ways:

  • Stop The Rot technicians  present to work each day ‘symptom free’ and stay at home if they show signs of any flu-like symptoms. They must not return to work until they are fully recovered and show medical certificate clearing them of Coronavirus.

  • Stop The Rot customers are asked to call and delay the service if they or anyone in the house is dealing with flu-like symptoms or has a confirmed case of COVID-19.

  • Stop The Rot staff  immediately report any contact with exposed or isolated individuals. We would appreciate you notifying us if you or your family members are exposed to anyone who has been asked to isolate.  .

  • If any member of the Stop the Rot team or their family are tested for COVID-19 the entire team will be Isolated until test results are received. If negative the remaining team will proceed, if positive the entire team will remain isolated for  14 days .

  • Stop The Rot staff are advised to avoid any unnecessary inter-personal touching or greetings with each other or with the Stop the Rot customers. This includes shaking hands or ‘high-fiving, so please don’t be offended.

  • Stop The Rot customers are requested to respect social distancing parameters with your technician(s) and suggest you avoid the room where the work is being completed. Technicians will only enter the home if absolutely necessary and will offer 30 minutes prior notice for your family.

  • Stop The Rot technicians will be working alone where possible. This may increase the time it takes to complete your job. If your project is allocated to a team of two, the technicians will work in separate zones.

  • Stop The Rot technicians are advised not to share hand tools and  avoid car sharing. Office staff do not  share workstations or stationery. 

These measures are put in place to ensure the safety of our staff, customers and to our community

If you feel your circumstances should delay the commencement of your project please call our office.