Your Wood Rot FAQ's

What is wood rot treatment?

The active ingredient in wood rot treatment is ethylene glycol.  Stop the Rot has a specially developed commercial-grade treatment we use on your windows that works instantly and does not take 24 hours to dry before the repairs can begin.

Does wood rot spread?

Yes. Depending on the type of timber used on your windows and the exposure to sunlight, static water and rain, your window can go from repairable to unrepairable in a matter of months.

Types of wood rot

There are three main types of wood rot caused by fungi. Brown rot, white rot and soft rot. They can be distinguished by their colour and texture.

Wood Rot Repair Products

In our opinion, nothing repairs wood rot. The only way to restore your windows effectively is to cut the rot out and joint in new timbers to restore the structural integrity of your window or door.

Is wood rot bad for your health?

Yes, it can be. If the fungal spores reach the surface of the timber and become air-born, they can cause shortness of breath, asthma and hay fever-like symptoms. Certain dangerous funguses can also grow from the affected wood rot which can also be hazardous.

What does wood rot look like?

In its early stages, the rot will appear as cracking paint. You will then notice that the timber becomes soft to touch and finally you will see crumbly, flakey timber which will pull apart with your fingers. It is generally darker (wet) than healthy timbers.

Can my window be repaired?

Most windows and doors can be repaired. There will come an economic reality where it may be more cost-effective to replace the window…but as we are carpenters specializing in joinery, generally we can fix or rebuild anything.

Is condensation inside my windows a sign of wood rot?

It can be. Usually, in bedrooms where you sleep with the door closed, it is moisture from breathing while asleep, but it can also be moisture from damaged timber escaping.

How quickly will my window be fixed?

We will let you know at the time of your quote, but most repairs take between 2-4 days!

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